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GameDriver 2023.06 for Unity is now available

GameDriver is pleased to announce the release of our 2023.06 version for Unity, which includes:

  • Added support for Unity 2022.3 LTS
  • Added TouchInput UI Toolkit support, including ScrollView objects
  • Added Recorder support for Legaxy XR implementations (non Input System based)
  • Various Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a UTF Connection issue where the initial connection would loop indefinitely
    • Fixed an issue where `CreateDevice` with multiple devices using the same name and type strings would cause a StackOverflow exception
  • Fixed multiple IL2CPP issues
    • Added support for high code stripping
    • Removed requirement for custom script defines
    • Fixed an issue with `CreateInputDeviceFromDescription`
  • Updated various API docs

You can find the latest version by visiting our Download page.


Happy testing!

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