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Introducing the Ambassador Program and Educational License

GameDriver was founded on a desire to bring tried-and-true automated testing methods to an industry in desperate need of it. Now, we’re also eager to ensure these same tools get in on the ground floor of the organizations and institutions that directly impact the future of gaming. 

That’s where our Educational License and Ambassador Program come in. Whether you’re a lean independent team looking to make your mark, or an educator implementing deeper knowledge of testing in your curriculum, we believe that introducing test automation into your development pipeline or curriculum can have a significant positive impact on your project. That’s why we’re making GameDriver accessible to you, for free*. 

Ambassador Program

If you have a small, independent team that makes less than $100,000 in yearly revenue or total funding, the Ambassador Program is a great choice for helping your project flourish. The program gives you access to 1-year use of the GameDriver SDK, with up to five licenses available for your team members – all for free. You’ll also gain access to our technical documentation, and an engaging, supportive online community for any questions or concerns you may have. Our partners at Unity offer a similarly structured package, Unity Personal, so the Ambassador Program should be familiar to developers who have used this to get their ideas off the ground. 

All we ask in return for participation in the Ambassador Program is permission to use your logo and an unfiltered testimony after three months of use. We want to ensure that we can hear about the ups and downs of your time with the GameDriver SDK, let those experiences inform future users, and improve our product! 

Educational License

Game development is constantly evolving, and it’s crucial for educators to have access to these ever-changing tools so they can strengthen the future creatives of gaming. With that in mind, GameDriver is offering an Educational License for those who want to incorporate test automation as part of their development curriculum. As this area of testing continues to grow, we want to help prospective testers, engineers, and other aspiring development professionals understand test automation early on. 

If you choose to pick up an Educational License for your class, you’ll gain access to unlimited use of the GameDriver SDK. Much like the Ambassador Program, you’ll also gain access to our technical documentation and online community, where we offer close-knit support. The same requests for testimony after three months and permission to use your logo (in this case, your educational institution’s logo) also apply to this license. 

Get Started Today

Implementing GameDriver can help to improve time to market, reduce manual test execution time, and improve the overall test coverage and quality of your projects. With the Ambassador Program and Educational Licenses, all you need to start is to fill out this form and tell us about your project and needs. Someone will then contact you within 3 business days with the license information and information to help you get started.

We’re thrilled to have small creators and educators consider us for their first foray into test automation. With these programs, we hope to offer you a reliable method for enhancing the quality of your project, or the depth of your coursework, and we can’t wait to hear more feedback and success stories from using GameDriver! 

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