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GameDriver Kick-start Program from PQA

At GameDriver, we believe that all Immersive Experience creators should have access to automated testing to improve quality, reduce time to market, and control the cost of delivery. To facilitate that belief and help accelerate the adoption of GameDriver for new users, our friends over at PQA Testing are offering an exciting new kick-starter program. The goal is to prove the value of automated testing and provide the skills and experience users need to develop a comprehensive automation suite on their own.

The service offering would include the time of a test automation specialist who is familiar with the use of GameDriver to help customers create the basis of an initial framework that can be built out over time. The engagement would also have PQA train in the use of the framework and how to continue its development. 

The kick-starter engagement would be comprised of four key activities: 

  • Planning: Understand the application and testing needs to determine which test cases to automate based on criticality and suitability for automation, with a focus on key use cases and priorities. The tests will be chosen to cover the breadth of the application to demonstrate the diversity of controls and scenarios that can be automated with GameDriver, freeing up testers to learn new skills for efficiency. 
  • Implementation: Set up an initial skeletal framework for test automation, and automate prioritized cases outlined in the planning phase. The framework developed at this stage will be used to build out all future tests, and knowledge transfer can begin.
  • Training: Provide knowledge-transfer sessions and written documentation on the fundamentals of test automation in GameDriver and the specifics of the custom automation framework implementation. 
  • Advising: throughout the engagement, advise on the approach to automation to maximize value and minimize maintenance requirements. At the conclusion of the kick-starter engagement, provide recommendations for how to continue to expand the test automation framework and ensure the most value over time and set your team on the path to success.

The deliverables clients could expect from this program would be: 

  • Automated key test cases in GameDriver 
  • Knowledge transfer documentation and demonstrations 
  • Recommendations for future automation/process

For more information regarding this service, please contact [email protected] or [email protected] today.

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