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GameDriver October 2020 Release!

It’s almost November, just in time to announce the latest release of GameDriver, which we are calling the October 2020 release! This update includes important changes to our HierarchyPath object identification system, additional tools for your Unity projects, and as more people start using GameDriver, some stability fixes for a more consistent experience.
Update: HierarchyPath
Let’s start with the big change to HierarchyPath, also known as HPath. We’ve cleaned up the HPath format to better mirror popular query languages such as XPath and added additional search predicates including first() and last() when working with object clones. The new HPath provides methods for working with objects using either the Relative or Absolute path to an object, as well as any combination of @name or @tag or attached components using boolean operators (AND/OR). This release also includes a handy Unity editor plugin to automatically output the path to any selected object, to make test authoring a breeze!
For more information regarding the HierarchyPath changes and associated plugin, visit our Support site or check the Documentation folder in the GameDriver package for Unity.
New: SetObjectValue and API Improvements
This release also includes a new command. SetObjectValue() allows a tester to set the value of an arbitrary object property. Updated methods WaitForObjectValue(), CallMethod(), Rotate() and GetObjectPosition() have more capabilities than they did before and give users more powerful ways to interact with the game world. For more information regarding new and updated API methods, refer to the API Documentation in the Support forum, or in your GameDriver installation directory.
Installation Improvements
GameDriver is now available as a single .unitypackage for Windows, macOS and iOS targets. This one package provides everything needed to test your project. For updated installation instructions, refer to the Documentation section in the user forum.
Stability Improvements
Under certain circumstances a crash would occur in macOS when using the Quit() method in an unexpected manner.
Standalone Mode
Rarely, standalone builds weren’t correctly copying the GameDriver libraries to their intended target locations. This release includes added logic to protect from this situation occurring in the future.
We’re very excited for this release, which improves performance, stability, and utility across all of your automated testing. If you want to give GameDriver a try, and reduce your project’s dependency on manual testing, sign up for a trial today!

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