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Test Automation for Video Games

Not a simple subject to cover, test automation has a strong foundation in the IT Management Software space, and has borrowed from many industries over the past few decades, including Lean Manufacturing. However, for video games there is a unique challenge - no two games are alike. Video game engines give us unmatched creativity in building worlds, interfaces, and controls; which makes automation extremely difficult. That isn't to say that some game studios haven't successfully automated their testing, as many have. But this effort is usually shipped with the game, and not reusable across projects.

At GameDriver, we strive to build a reusable framework that can be leveraged across any game, on any platform. Our solution gives you the ability to automate the repetitive types of tests that can hold up a release, and allowing you to focus on those areas of the game that need it most such as new features or modes of play. We even handle the complicated scenarios, such as networked gameplay.

By automating from within the game, GameDriver gives you total control in a consistent, repeatable manner.

Keep an eye on this space for more news and insights into how to approach test automation in your projects with GameDriver!

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