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Introducing Our Latest Beta: Unreal 4 and Godot

The entire GameDriver team is thrilled to reveal our latest engine compatibilities entering beta: Unreal Engine 4 and Godot

Our test automation SDK has made a significant impact on the work of Unity developers.

However, our goal is to provide a standard language and methodology for testing games and immersive experiences, and this is a huge step in that direction. Whether you’re starting a trial with us, or already a licensed user, you’ll have access to these beta features! 

Unreal 4 is another ubiquitous engine that we have planned to support from the beginning, getting GameDriver in the hands of far more creators that care about high quality and comprehensive test coverage. We also admire the accessible, open-source nature of Godot, which brings together a continuously growing,  thriving community of developers making 2D and 3D games. Ensuring that GameDriver meets the needs of these users while gaining invaluable feedback from a wealth of creatives, is something we’re really looking forward to with this beta release.

Here's a small teaser of the functionality for both engines, starting with Godot:

Followed by an Unreal Engine 4 demo running in the editor:

Finally a demo of the Unreal version running against a standalone build:

Unreal 5 functionality is another step we will be taking, but considering the majority of projects built in Unreal today are using the previous version, it made sense to start there. Please stay tuned for further updates in the near future. 

With all of that in mind, let’s get into the key features that will be included with the Unreal 4 and Godot beta! 

Powerful Object Identification With HPath

The proprietary core of GameDriver’s functionality, HPath, is in full force for this beta. The same language that can interrogate the engine and manipulate a swath of object types is available to try out for Unreal 4 and Godot users. 

Multi-Platform Execution

Run multiple tests in parallel across a variety of platforms so you can get the test coverage you need. Don’t rely on guesswork—let GameDriver validate your Immersive Experience with efficiency, and ensure that each of your targeted user bases end up with a great product. 

Input Control 

The GameDriver SDK simulates input as if a user is controlling the device. You’ll find support for mouse, keyboard, tap, touch, and XR input devices like VR headsets and wands. This allows for repeatable realistic testing without the constant use of cumbersome devices. 

Object Query and Manipulation

GameDriver provides the tools necessary to create any test scenario needed, from the basic functionality of a single object to a complex scene with a host of variables. You'll be able to query and manipulate object position, components, and properties, all without entering a single line of new code to the actual project.

Method Execution

Using the GameDriver API client and agent embedded within your application, you can execute any method attached to any object. Private and public, or static—it’s all ready to test without any changes to your code.

Growing GameDriver Means Fostering a Diverse User Base

Today is the beginning of a crucial next step for our community, as we get reliable and accessible test automation into the hands of more creative developers. While this beta release won’t have all the functionality that comes packed in with the standard version of GameDriver, our goal is to reach feature parity by the time these engines are generally available, as well as including more capabilities with the help of thoughtful feedback. 

Speaking of feedback, please fill out this quick form if you’d like your voice to be heard! We’d love to hear your thoughts, and deeply appreciate you taking the time to let us know what you think. You can also see what other like-minded GameDriver users are up to over on our Slack.

We can’t wait to see Unreal 4 and Godot users get their hands on GameDriver, and see what test automation can do for their time-to-market and QA pipeline!

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