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GameDriver 2022.11 streamlines test creation and maintenance

The latest version of GameDriver is now available for download and introduces several new features intended to save time and effort in test creation, error troubleshooting, and test maintenance. We’re also adding support for additional platforms and engines, as previously announced on our blog.

Here is a brief overview of the latest features. For more details on how to use these features, visit our Support site.

Added support for XR Recording

The Recorder tool that was introduced in 2022.07 has been updated to support Input System based input events, including those generated by an XR device such as the Meta Quest 2. Simply define your devices in the “XR References” portion of the Recorder, and press the red record button. The utility will then put the editor into Play mode, and begin to capture events from your connected device.

Updated HierarchyPath Engine and new HPath Debugger

We’ve rearchitected the HPath Engine to provide greater performance and flexibility, as well as adding support for additional features in future releases. We also include a powerful HPath Debugger that can be used to identify and optimize your queries for precise identification of objects at runtime. You can Run, Step Into, and Step Over each element in your query, and even identify the expected value and return types of fields and properties to be used in your tests.

New method for passing unhandled exceptions to the ApiClient

UnityLoggedMessage is a new command that allows you to pass unhandled Unity exceptions back to the running test. This will help with reporting issues to developers, and with troubleshooting test failures. For more information on how to use this command, refer to the API Reference on GitHub.

Added argument to GetObjectList to specify a root object

GetObjectList can be a powerful tool for providing a snapshot of all objects loaded in a scene during a test, and for creating complex test logic based on dynamically loaded objects. To reduce the time needed to execute this command, as well as reducing the number of objects returned down to just what we’re interested in for testing, you can now specify a root object (in HPath, of course) to start traversing the tree in order to reduce its scope.

Linux support (beta)

Now you can run tests against the Unity editor and standalone builds running in Linux. This has been tested in Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS and Unity 2020.3 LTS versions.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Object Explorer throwing exceptions in some component types
  • Fixed an issue with the Recorder flipping the origin and destination for MouseDrag events
  • Additional bug fixes

Download today!

To get your hands on the latest version, visit If you haven’t tried GameDriver, start your trial today

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