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Getting an edge in 2020

The gaming market has been booming for over a decade, and has not only exceeded expectations nearly every year, but has proven to be nearly recession-proof in terms of growth. It seems that no matter what the economy is doing, people want their video games for entertainment. With growth comes opportunity, and more companies like AWS Lumberyard are jumping into the ring to get a piece of the pie, with Unity and Unreal already dominating the space. This has led to significant advancements in gaming technology and services intended to lower the bar for content creation and operation, which means more studios are creating games than ever before - from AAA shops with multi-million dollar budgets to independent teams.

With so many games on the market, how can anybody expect to succeed? For one, games aren't a zero-sum game (pun welcome, but not intended). Games aren't like any other software product in that the user isn't bound to owning or using just one. Many gamers (myself include) own hundreds of games. A contributing factor is platforms like Steam that offer Summer or Winter sales which cause massive spikes in game purchases, and the Humble Bundle which frequently offers a chance for studios to gain exposure while supporting causes like Child's Play and others.

The only barriers to success in this market appear to be the concept of the game and quality of the finished product. Even the most novel and ridiculous sounding games often become a viral sensation. As long as the game is playable it will find a player, and the level of quality will always correlate to sales. As one indie developer has discovered, reviews = revenue.

That's why at GameDriver we believe in the power of automation as a means to deliver consistent quality from the very first release.

By automating repetitive testing, you can free up testers to increase coverage while providing immediate feedback to developers after every build. This reduces cycle times and improves the quality of the end product.

For more information how GameDriver can help you get an edge in this massive and increasingly crowded market, download our datasheet today!

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